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Forsøk is a story about one of the strongest vikings of Scandinavia, she was known as Neva and led her fleet to Iceland. But one day, her tribe was attacked by berserkers, all the homes were destroyed and the harvest was stolen. Thus, needing help quickly, they turned to the Gods. 

Neva searched for Mimir’s well located on an island near Iceland. The water deity Mimir could give anyone worthy enough, wisdom…  Neva needed this wisdom to help her people, but the journey was vicious.

Made by team 9:
Manou IJpelaar - Game Designer
Geoffrey Hendrikx - Lead Developer
Max Willekes - Developer
Kim Hoogeboom - 2D Cutscene Artist
Amy van Roojen - Artist

Audio / Music:
Vijay van der Weijden - Composer
Arūnas Mastwijk - Audio design

Voice Actors:
Olivia Steele - Neva
Robert Heischman - Mimir
Alex Cain - Narrator

Special Thanks:
Jael van Rossum
Vincent Booman


Forsøk (Windows).zip 593 MB
Forsøk Documentatie Team 9 6 MB
Latest Forsøk cutscene

Install instructions

Download the zipfile and unpack it. Then execute forsok.exe and play the game!